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15th Sep 2022

Part of maintaining an anti-inflammatory and healthy lifestyle is moving your body and exercising regularly. One of the many things we have learned since spending more time at home in the last year is that you don’t necessarily need a gym (or any props) to get a good workout in. While it can be difficult to motivate yourself to train when you’re in the comfort of your own home, it can truly make a difference in your day, both mentally and physically. You also don’t always have to break a full sweat – you can just choose to tone or stretch. In order to inspire you to get your body moving in 2021, we have put together a list of some of our go-to workouts that have been keeping us strong throughout lockdown. Whether you are in the mood for something sweaty and intense or soothing and toning, there is an option for everybody.

Melissa Wood Health

We first discovered Melissa’s app at the beginning of the first lockdown back in March and have been truly obsessed with it ever since. Most of her workouts are pilates-focused but integrate yoga, too and are meant to lengthen, strengthen, tone and stretch your body. The result is a stronger core, a better posture and an overall more defined body. Most importantly, Melissa thoroughly explains how to adjust your posture or position during each workout so as not to harm your body. Melissa’s workouts range from all kinds of lengths and intensities and she also features pre- and post-natal friendly options. When you are on a time crunch, even a quick 15-minute workout leaves you feeling accomplished and balanced.

Isa Welly

As a nutritionist, wellness and pilates coach, Isa Welly can help you achieve a lot of goals – from a healthier diet to stress management and boosting your overall confidence. But it’s her signature workouts that will really draw you in. As you would expect from a former dancer that worked with Ariana Grande and Kylie Minogue, Isa’s pilates, cardio, barre and strength-based workouts are set to an amazing playlist and are focused, effective and most importantly, fun. Based in the UK, Isa offers 60-minute online classes via Zoom. For a sneak peek, try one of her shorter, complimentary classes on her YouTube channel, IsaWelly.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson has been known for her infamous “Tracy Anderson Method” workouts for over 20 years, especially in Hollywood. Tracy has worked with a wide range of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie, and her workouts remain to be a modern and effective way of strengthening the entire body. While Tracy offers her in-person classes in various locations such as Los Angeles, New York, the Hamptons, London and Madrid, you can also opt to take them virtually, with her weekly subscription program. Her “STArt” program is specifically designed for anyone new to her workouts. Alternatively, you can also choose to do a private online class. If you are looking for a more intense, unique workout with added cardio, Tracy Anderson is definitely your go-to.

Caro Daur

With a big passion for fitness, Caro Daur began filming and posting her own short, yet effective HIIT workouts on YouTube and Instagram about a year ago. From body part specific sessions (such as abs only) to full body targeted or beginner HIIT workouts, Caro offers options for every fitness level. In addition, she has also launched her DAURPOWER e-book, providing you with a three-month long workout schedule which takes just 26 minutes each day. If you’re after a high intensity and cardio-based workout that’s super fun and leaves you sweaty and feeling fit, this is for you.

The Class by Taryn Toomey

The Class is a workout that is unlike any other you will experience. Championed by celebrities such as Naomi Watts, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Aniston, it’s a mat based class which combines elements of yoga, pilates, dance and cardio with heart- and mind-clearing movement via guided instruction and music (Taryn often works with live musicians during The Class). The aim? To help you relieve stress, build-up and release energy, strengthen and tone your body and leave you feeling amazing. The “Digital Studio” allows you to access any of the available classes online (classes are streamed from the Tribeca studio seven days a week) and if you’re not sure it’s for you, a free 14-day trial allows you to experience the Class multiple times before committing.

Charly Sturm is a long term member of Team Sturm and one of our regular Doctors Notes contributors. She grew up learning about the importance of science behind skincare and the key aspects of living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.


Charly Sturm


13 January 2021