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12th Feb 2024

The holiday season, although we know it’s coming, always seems to creep up faster than anticipated. Somehow each year we find ourselves on a desperate search for the perfect gift, sometimes just days before we exchange them with our loved ones. To make the gift giving process easier, Team Sturm have compiled a list of our favorite gifts from Dr. Barbara Sturm and more - just in time for the holidays.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Eyebrow Kit  

Anastasia Soare is widely known as the expert when it comes to high quality eyebrow shaping, defining and filling. Besides offering her services in Los Angeles, she has also created a range of makeup and of course, eyebrow products. We recommend the ‘Perfect Your Brows Kit’ from Anastasia’s collection as a gift for the beauty fanatic on your list.

Jillian Dempsey: Lid Tints & Gold Bar

At Sturm we love and support natural skin and recommend using minimum amounts of makeup. That’s why Jillian Dempsey eye tints are one of our favorites for when we need a little glam. For any makeup lover, these make a special gift. Alternatively her renowned ‘Gold Bar’ helps lift, contour and improve puffy skin and makes a lovely present for any beauty lover.

Dr. Barbara Sturm

THE EDIT is a beautiful gift for any skincare lover. It includes a full sized HYALURONIC SERUM, a mini NIGHT SERUM and the FACE CREAM. This trio of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s must-haves for hydration, skin health and anti-aging come in a red velvet travel bag that doubles as a clutch or vanity kit. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is in need of a little pampering, this is your go-to.

For a universally lovable gift from our collection, we suggest the 500ml ANTI-AGING BODY CREAM. There’s something comforting and luxurious about coming home to a fully stocked bathroom, which is why the 500ml size of the cream makes a wonderful gift. This is a product that lasts while also looking aesthetic in any minimalist’s bathroom and makes for a great house-warming gift.

The LIP BALM makes for a budget-friendly, practical gift for any Dr. Barbara Sturm lover. The LIP BALM was carefully formulated over three years and made without mineral oils or other harmful ingredients. You simply can’t go wrong with this one and it is perfect for the colder months where our lips are drier.

THE WINTER KIT houses all of your winter skin essentials in one, charming little bag. For anyone who is planning on spending this winter in the mountains or colder climates, this kit will suit their skin’s needs and impart a healthy glow.

If you are looking to get any men on your gift list started on a proper skincare regimen or know a man who is obsessed with skincare, the MEN’S DISCOVERY KIT contains the perfect routine. The steps are easy to follow and the products come in practical travel sizes.

Lastly, we now also offer gift cards for FACETIME CONSULTATIONS with one of our trained aestheticians. For anyone either struggling with their skin or in need of help finding the right skincare routine, this makes a unique and incredibly helpful gift.

Virtual Consultations

Clothing & Accessories

Naked Cashmere

Naked Cashmere is a favorite of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s and the ultimate cashmere label when it comes to coziness. The designs are comfortable, made of high quality materials and are chic for wearing at home as well as on-the-go. Naked Cashmere also offers customized embroidery to specific pieces, giving a personalised touch to your selection. Their scarves or blankets make a more luxurious gift, while their socks and beanies are a more budget-friendly option. For men, we highly recommend one of the oversized cashmere hoodies.


Sturm’s favorite evening wear designer Galvan has just launched a classy and fun evening bag collection, made of beautiful silky satin and delicate fringed beads. These bags are an incredible holiday accessory for anyone fashion forward.


Anine Bing

Anine’s pieces are timeless and classy, and add an air of cool to any look - whether you are spending a day at the office, staying cozy at home or dressing up for dinner. Anine also makes beautiful dainty jewellery and the cutest outfits for kids; a loving gift for anyone with children.

Alejandra Alonso Rojas

It’s sweater season and if you are looking for a statement and incredibly soft cashmere knit as one of your gifts to give, you have come to the right place for both women and men. Alejandra’s knits ensure comfort and warmth and are designed to catch some compliments as well.

Olivia Von Halle

For elegant, luxury and comfortable sleepwear, Olivia Von Halle is the brand to look at for gifting. Her designs vary from beautiful pyjamas, to robes, eye masks and even slip dresses that double as elegant evening wear. Her website offers monogramming of certain pieces, allowing you to make a gift unique and personal.


High quality, statement sunglasses with an attitude are not only a summer essential. Sestini, with three different models available in different lens and color combinations, are an eye-catcher for both women and men. Sestini’s filter on Instagram even allows you to try them on virtually, before making the purchase.

Tanner Krolle

Tanner Krolle is a great destination for timeless, elegant and practical leather crafted bags and suitcases. For any frequent traveller these bags make a thoughtful and lasting gift. If you are looking for something smaller or more budget-friendly, we also recommend their wallets and phone cases.

Olivia Von Halle


Anita Ko

Anita Ko is one of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s favorite unique jewellery designers. Her pieces are stunning, truly eye-catching, and will last you a lifetime. If you are aiming to give a statement piece, this is the brand to look at.

Jessica McCormack

Another Sturm go-to for jewellery are Jessica McComarck’s vintage inspired and timeless pieces. From classic, simple diamond necklaces to more extravagant designs, you’ll be sure to find a piece for your loved one. The ‘Heirloom Jewellery Boxes’ also make a thoughtful personalized gift. Designed to last you through generations, it comes with jewellery ordered and designed through a private appointment.

Lajoux Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery that you can personalize or pieces that are more budget-friendly La Joux will be your go-to. Made of real gold, we suggest their ‘initial necklaces’ or ‘name plate necklace’ - both unique and beautiful gifts.

Jen Meyer

Jen Meyer is one of LA’s most well-known and respected jewellery designers, with a wide-ranged collection of high quality jewellery. She also offers beautiful pieces you can personalize as well as ones with a special meaning, such as evil eyes created to love and protect you.

Lajoux Jewellery

Home & Wellness

Byredo - Bibliotheque Candle

This candle is rich and aromatic, filling any room with its dreamy scent within minutes. It will turn your home into a cozy oasis and is also a beautiful home accessory. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Book by Krishnamurti: “Freedom from the known”

For any book worm, this is one of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s favorites. A book description, taken from Amazon explains: “Freedom from the Known is one of Krishnamurti's most accessible works. Here, he reveals how we can free ourselves radically and immediately from the tyranny of the expected. By changing ourselves, we can alter the structure of society and our relationships. The vital need for change and the recognition of its very possibility form an essential part of this important book's message.”

Sakara Life

The Sakara signature meal plan is ideal for anyone with a busy workday and healthy lifestyle, delivering a week of delicious, plant-based healthy meals that are fuss-free and anti-inflammatory.

Joov Infrared Light

Infrared light has been proven to help with inflammation, sleep, healthy skin, improved blood flow and many other benefits for your overall wellbeing. Joov make their lights in all different sizes - perfect for some at-home therapy. This gift is wonderful for anyone who needs a little extra at-home TLC in their routine.


Perfect Moment Sports

High quality, affordable and incredibly designed skiwear makes a unique gift, for both women and men. We particularly love the Perfect Moment knit sweaters, which will keep you warm on the slopes or cozy up in the mountains, and are also stylish enough to wear in the city.

Alo Yoga

Getting into exercise is much more fun when you invest in cute and comfortable workout clothes. For both women and men, Alo Yoga offers a large array of different styles suitable for various sorts of exercise as well as comfortable fits for lounging at home. For the health and wellness conscious or exercise fanatics on your list, you can’t go wrong with this brand.


Charly & Dr. Barbara Sturm


13 November 2020