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15th Sep 2022

The last year has been hard for all businesses, but small businesses in particular have taken a hit. As a company that started small and is run completely by our female founder Dr. Barbara Sturm, Team Sturm feels passionate about uplifting small businesses that we admire and love. Read on to discover some of our favorite shopping destinations.

Flowers & Home Décor

Freddie's Flowers

If you love having flowers in your house but like many of us, can’t always make time to go to the florists, Freddie’s Flowers, based in London, is the perfect solution. Freddie’s delivers flowers that are in season and grown to last more than just a few days. We love the lilies in their most current bouquet and their clever subscription service which means you get fresh flowers delivered straight to your door every week – or whenever suits you.

Urban Apothecary London

Urban Apothecary is a carefully curated selection of beautiful home goods including candles, soaps and accessories. Founder and entrepreneur Tajinder Banwait loved perfume and fragrances from an early age and believes that scent has the ability to capture and hold memories. We love that every one of her fragrances are inspired by a personal recollection and each one, from the woody Red Cedar to the refreshing Vine Tomato and exotic Coconut Grove, transports you to a time and place. Urban Apothecary is London-based but has an online shop that ships internationally.

Upstate Stock

Brooklyn’s Upstate Stock was founded over ten years ago with a focus on selling and producing products that are locally sourced and ethically made. From candles to stationary, clothes and kitchen utensils, Upstate Stock covers all of your essential needs and adapts to serve their community in the best ways it can. We love that during the pandemic, they stocked up on groceries and essentials and provided a coffee bar so that their customers could “feel some sort of normal.”  


Husband and wife owned company, Okej is a Swedish-American design studio founded in 2020. The pair views furniture and rugs as collectible pieces of art and feel that every piece of furnishing you bring into your home should be a noteworthy and valued piece of design. All of their rugs are made in Sweden and created for people who aren't just looking to fulfill the need for a floor covering - but also want something that is ultra-modern and fun. Case in point? Their brilliant Blue Squiggle Rug which features a deep, baby blue wool pile in a bubble-like design.


Oma The Label

Oma the Label is a jewelry brand that creates easy-to-wear pieces for the everyday woman who wants to feel empowered and confident through her accessories. The brand was created by New York-based fashion stylist Neumi Anekhe in 2018, as she saw the need for more representation for people of color especially in the fashion and beauty industry. We love Oma’s bold and beautiful designs and the way the brand stays true to quality whilst being affordable too.  


Catbird is a New York-based jewelry store that offers a selection of exciting pieces from global designers as well as their own Catbird line. Their namesake line is made in their friendly Brooklyn studio in NYC which employs over 40 jewelers, plus, they hold open tours of the studio each month so you can see the process involved in making some of your favorite designs. The collection is so extensive, it’s easy to spend an hour or so just browsing through their online catalogue but we’re planning on investing in a beautiful Catbird Love Letter Charm and cute Dollhouse Locket.

Phoenix Roze

Phoenix Roze is a beautiful boutique located in the West Village of New York City. Their unique artisan jewelry is handmade to order by jeweler Guy Rozenstrich with each stone carefully chosen by Rozenstrich himself. From their unique initial necklaces to hand-worked diamond pieces, each is made by hand using traditional sustainable methods. We adore their Spring Collection – which features beautiful Tourmaline Baguette Pendulum Earrings in shades of pink, Script Mom Necklaces and delicate diamond rings.

Astrid & Miyu

London-based jewelry brand Astrid & Miyu was founded by Connie Nam after she struggled to find pieces for her friends and family that weren’t mass produced or overpriced. Their young design team is based on “diversity and passion” and their contemporary designed jewelry includes everything from ear cuffs and huggies to simple chain necklaces and textured T-bars. We love Astrid & Miyu’s intimate and friendly boutiques which offer in-store services such as piercing, tattooing and welding and also hold workshops on anything from astrology to flower arranging.



Founded by Spanish twin sisters Sayana and Claudia in 2016 (Gimaguas means ‘twins’) Gimaguas takes inspiration from cultures and styles around the world, including Jaipur, Madagascar and Mexico, making each piece of their clothing, swimwear and accessories unique to the brand. In addition to designing their own clothing, the sisters search globally for unique items handmade by local artisans – and everything from their backless cotton dresses, to their hemp t-shirts and geometric-printed kaftans are whimsical, charming and unique.

Aya Muse

Founded by Tina Rodiou, Aya Muse (‘Aya’ is Japanese for beautiful and ‘Muse’ is Greek for inspiration) is an eco-friendly clothing label whose fans include the Hadid sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Elsa Hosk. Designed in the heart of Los Angeles Tina Rodiou’s body hugging dresses, bike shorts, contemporary knitwear and embellished pieces offer women around the world a chance to “feel like a slightly cooler version of themselves.” We also love their commitment to sustainability – every piece is made using recycled fabrics and yarns and all of their packaging is made from biodegradable corn starch.


VienSo is a London-based contemporary womenswear label founded by Virginia Achenza and Sol Matossianin. Made in Spain, their timeless pieces are designed to be treasured over the years and seasons to come and include beautiful fitted blouses, embroidered jumpsuits and elegant blazers. Team Sturm loves their commitment to sustainability too – each garment is an edition of only 24, making all their pieces unique and exclusive to their customers.

Violante Nessi

Violante Nessi is a sustainable Italian womenswear brand founded by the designer in 2018 with a goal to reinterpret classics for the modern, contemporary woman. Violante’s collection includes elevated casual-wear, cocktail dresses and elegant knitwear - we love her Burri Blazer paired with her Matisse trousers – and her consistent direct-to-consumer and non-seasonal approach means that every piece is unique and no fabric, or craftsmanship is wasted.


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20 April 2021