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By Team Sturm

15th Sep 2022

As an entirely cruelty-free company, the preservation of wildlife and the conservation of especially endangered animals is a subject close to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s heart. Human activity threatens our planet’s biodiversity; 60% of the planet’s wildlife has disappeared in the last 50 years and over a million plant and animal species are now classed as endangered.

To help support the preservation of wildlife, Dr. Barbara Sturm has collaborated with SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG to create PRECIOUS COMPANIONS; a beautifully designed porcelain tumbler, dedicated to the conservation of especially endangered animals, with parts of the sales proceeds of the tumbler will be donated to the wildlife rescue organization National Park Rescue.*

Read on for more on this exciting partnership and to DISCOVER THE COLLABORATION.

The Cause

National Park Rescue saves African National Parks on the brink of collapse using direct-action operations to restore effective law enforcement, shut down corruption and reconnect the surrounding communities key to a park’s long-term survival. 

They also empower disadvantaged women in the areas around the parks and have all-female scout teams made up of women from surrounding communities. National Park Rescue is part of a small group of organizations that puts all of its donations towards the wellbeing of the parks and animals; every donation directly funds the survival of elephants, rhinos, lions, and other wildlife, which would otherwise be killed by poachers.

To find out more and donate, please visit

The Tumblers

The handcrafted SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG champagne tumblers are made of finest porcelain and 24-carat gold, therefore they make a beautiful addition to any dinner table, and a thoughtful gift for a loved one. 

The Motifs

The delicately illustrated animal motifs on each tumbler represent species that are especially endangered. The turtle was chosen to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans, which is the cause of many animals dying due to eating it or being caught in plastic waste. The elephant, which has seen a steep decline in numbers due to poachers killing them for their tusks, stands for strength, power, peace and wisdom. Bees play a part in every aspect of the ecosystem, pollinating the plants needed for a stable, healthy food supply, so it’s vital that we raise awareness to their decline and importance in nature. And finally, the rabbit is very important to Dr. Sturm and her brand as sadly, it is one of the most used animals in cosmetics testing. Dr. Sturm’s Molecular Cosmetics collection is completely cruelty-free and doesn’t ever test on any animals. Brands have no reason to test on animals to make a profit.  

“These tumblers are beautiful and something everyone would love to have in their home. I chose to create them with animals that are especially endangered, whether from the force of nature or human-triggered like hunting elephants, cosmetic testing on rabbits, or turtles dying in the ocean due to plastic consumption. We need to bring awareness to the destruction of wildlife with our voices and our support, so we have also chosen to donate parts of the sales proceeds of the tumbler to the wildlife rescue organization National Park Rescue.*”


*20% of the sales proceeds via the Dr. Barbara Sturm Online Shop and SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG own channels (i.e. SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG Online Shop and Manufactory Store) and 10% of the sales proceeds via SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG business partners


Team Sturm


06 August 2021