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Dr. Barbara Sturm’s vitalizing SCALP SERUM contains key ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Purslane which provide intense hydration, addressing the effects of dryness while boosting overall scalp health, promoting naturally beautiful, shiny hair. An ingredient obtained from the Indian Kino Tree acts as an intensive anti-aging treatment on the scalp. A combination of ATP, Algin and Papaya Extract helps to restore the scalp’s moisture balance. Panthenol supplies additional moisture, soothes irritated skin and has a calming effect. Purslane also helps protect the skin against irritation and the damage wrought by free radicals.

50 mL


• The serum provides intense hydration, boosting overall scalp health.
• ATP, Algin and Papaya Extract helps to restore the scalp’s moisture balance
• Panthenol helps to soothe irritated skin and calms the scalp


Using the pipette, trickle the formula directly onto your scalp (on dry or wet hair) and massage in gently. Allow time for the serum to absorb. For best results we recommend using the SCALP SERUM in the evening to optimize scalp health. The SCALP SERUM contains caffeine. For use during pregnancy, please consult your doctor.


Glycerine, Purslane Extract, Panthenol, Arginine, ATP, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, Indian Kino Tree Extract, Algin, Papaya Extract, Urea


“The scalp is a large area of overlooked and often mistreated skin. Studies have shown that the condition of the scalp plays a vital part in the production of healthy, strong hair. My SCALP SERUM adds intense hydration and has a calming effect, helping to treat common scalp issues such as dryness and irritation and supporting scalp health for beautiful hair.” – DR. BARBARA STURM



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The Dr. Barbara Sturm ethos includes a sense of permanent responsibility to produce and package sustainably. As part of our ongoing efforts to contribute to a more sustainable future, we have significantly reduced the amount of packaging for our products and use recyclable paper and cardboard for product leaflets and boxes. We are changing our plastic jars to recyclable glass, using sustainable cotton and velvet bags rather than plastic and are phasing out our cellophane wrappers.


For a limited time only, we are offering free worldwide delivery on all orders. Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are operating with certain shipping restrictions as a result of government containment measures and delivery may take longer than usual. Returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt. Items must be returned unopened/unused, with tags, in their original packaging. To find out more about shipping and how to return an item please return an item please see here.


Our friendly customer service team can help you with: purchasing a product, booking a virtual consultation, tracking your order, ingredient advice, skincare queries, shipping and returns and anything you need to know about our Boutiques and Spas. If you have a question, please get in touch, our team are here to help. Please contact us [email protected].


  • 5
    You will love it

    This serum saved my dry scalp and, on top of that, keeps my hair tamed throughout the day (I apply it onto damp hair, then brush it into the desired style and let it dry throughout the morning while preparing breakfast). Even my boyfriend, who was an avid user of a different brands styling cream (which promised to treat a dry scalp), switched to this serum after I made him try it. I feel straight away when I am not using it after washing my hair (I wash it daily after working out, so my scalp needs the moisture through all the washing). Only a pipettes length (and I do NOT mean the entire pipette, more like squeeze the dropper and how much serum is in the pipette then is a pipettes length for me) is enough for my scalp. Personally, this serum lasts 2 months, with 2 people using it once per day. That is a great length for 50ml. If you are using it alone, it will probably last you 4-5 months, so that is great!


    31st Mar 2021

  • 5
    Good for stressed hair

    My hair were so stressed after partum, and falling. This serum gave them new life. Great product!


    5th Mar 2021

  • 5
    La beauté des cheveux

    J’avais le crâne qui me graté sur le devant et mes cheveux devenait sec dep Que je mets deux fois par semaine Le sérum mais cheveux sont beaucoup mieux. ***My scalp was itchy near the forehead line and my hair was dry, since using the serum twice a week my hair looks much better.***

    Aubry Sandrine

    25th Dec 2020