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Dr. Barbara Sturm and Jillian Dempsey Skin School: 6 Takeaways

Dr. Barbara Sturm and Jillian Dempsey Skin School: 6 Takeaways


8th Mar 2023

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s anti-inflammatory approach to skincare focuses on healing and revitalizing the skin to help inspire you to feel confident - even without wearing makeup. During a recent Skin School, Dr. Sturm was joined by renowned makeup artist, entrepreneur and animal activist Jillian Dempsey to discuss her eponymous makeup line and anti-inflammatory lifestyle. With parallel visions for clean, cruelty-free and high-performance products, Jillian Dempsey's makeup line is a five-step 'finger-friendly' collection that enhances your skin. Together, Dr. Sturm and Jillian discussed the importance of using clean ingredients, why massage is so beneficial to skin health and how to cover dark circles for the ultimate STURMGLOWTM. Read on for six takeaways from their conversation.

1. How to discover your skin type

“A good way to find out if you have oily or dry skin is to wet your face, leave it for half an hour and take a mattifying paper and check areas where you are oily or dry,” advised Dr. Sturm. “It’s a great way to find out what skin type you are.” She went on to add that only after that, can you decipher what products you need for your specific skincare concerns. “The skin preparation and serums are all the same. The only difference is what kind of face cream you use. If you break out you can use the CLARIFYING CREAM, or if you have oily skin, you can use the FACE CREAM LIGHT, or if you have super dry skin, you can use the FACE CREAM RICH,” Dr. Sturm suggested.

2. Facial tools can help boost skin collagen

Dr. Sturm explained why using sculpting devices such as Jillian Dempsey’s Gold Bar is beneficial to the health and appearance of your skin. “When massaging or vibrating [the skin], it stimulates the skin cells, and engages our tissue which strengthens collagen and elastin.” Dr. Sturm continued, “I always talk about dry brushing your legs and your arms, especially in those areas if you have cellulite or fear of getting cellulite, it’s really great.” The same applies to the face, whether it’s using a tool or getting a facial, “it’s really important to have this mechanical stimulation to help boost collagen,” concluded Dr. Sturm.

3. How to cover dark under eye circles

Jillian Dempsey explained her beauty tips on how to reduce and cover dark circles correctly. After applying Dr. Barbara Sturm’s EYE CREAM, Jillian then gently applied her Spot Stick Concealer to the under-eye. “I’m only going to areas that are in need. I never believe you should put anything on the exterior [part of your under-eye] because you don’t have dark circles over there and that will only accentuate your age,” recommended Jillian.

4. Using the GLOW DROPS in your makeup routine

Dr. Sturm recommended adding the GLOW DROPS to your makeup for an instant boost of radiance for glowing, revitalized skin. “You can mix them with your foundation... I always have GLOW DROPS with me. They are super hydrating, but they also give you an instant glow. I really like to apply them over makeup too - they reactivate the makeup and refresh it.” advised Dr. Sturm.

5. Pay attention to the ingredients in your face mist

“You must be so careful with the mists you use because the ingredients in the face mist are breathed into your lungs … I really look at what [ingredients are] in there," discussed Dr. Sturm. At Dr. Sturm, the HYALURONIC FACE MIST is formulated with clean, science-driven ingredients that are free from parabens and fragrances and is cruelty-free. It contains both low and high-weighted Hyaluronic Acid molecules to deliver deep, instant hydration, and includes anti-aging powerhouse Purslane. Detoxifying extracts from Lemon, Broccoli and Aloe Vera help refresh the complexion for a natural glow.

6. The best way to clean makeup brushes

Jillian advised to always wash brushes downwards and in the direction of the bristles to prevent damage. “I always like to take a bit of soap or detergent and wiggle that around on the brush with lukewarm water,” said Jillian. She also warned against using brush cleansers. “A lot of brush cleansers stay on your brushes, and they have too much oil which can ruin, fray and wreak havoc on your brushes.” Jillian also advised making sure your wet makeup brushes dry quickly “so, they don’t grow any kind of bacteria. If you just let it sit there and it's damp for a long time, it has time to grow crazy things.”

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Dr. Barbara Sturm and Jillian Dempsey Skin School: 6 Takeaways


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